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Hitting the Ground Running…

Since school started back January 4th, my Math coach and I have been very involved with this coaching cycle. It’s been a great learning experience. In talking with the teachers their goal was to scaffold their peer to peer (P2P) groups so that the “high flyers” received extension and the struggling students had a bit more hand-holding.

We received mixed feedback from this blend. The teachers were exhausted. It meant a lot more work for them; however, they felt that their struggling students understood the material much better. The biggest issues were that 1)the high-flyers didn’t like rotating to P2P twice. Once for the video lesson in a collaborative group and once to the actual P2P activity. 2) The low kids continued to struggle because they don’t read the instructions. This meant the teacher had to leave her small group to make sure the struggling students stayed on-task.

So…we learned some things that worked and some things that didn’t and we taking this feedback into consideration for our next blend. Our biggest struggle is that our “fishbowl” learning lab is Feb 4th and we will, at best, be 3 days into this next unit. This doesn’t give us a lot of “material” to work with but I don’t think we could get any more authentic! Between an changed exam schedule, an early release, report cards and 8th grade job shadowing, life happens. We will continue to fail fast and adjust quickly. We will continue to learn and persevere.


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