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The Journey So Far

Over the past 5 weeks I have been working to deepen my understanding of Disruptive Innovation in education. When you look at classrooms fifty years ago versus classrooms of today, not much has changed. A teacher stands in front of the room, delivers information, and students are expected to regurgitate it. With technology added… Continue reading The Journey So Far


Can you teach and students not learn?

What a powerful question. How many times have we poured ourselves into a lesson, seen all the heads bobbing, and then the test scores are abysmal? Often, this is because we’ve taught but students have not learned. In my district, this was a large part of why we have shifted to Student-Centered Coaching–because it’s about… Continue reading Can you teach and students not learn?

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Time to Shift!

I plan on blogging about the Coaching Lab I hosted yesterday very soon; however, I need time to marinate before I put down my thoughts. It was a day full of information, growth and reflection and, to be honest, I’m still a little oversaturated! Next step in my journey is to start working with three… Continue reading Time to Shift!

Blended Learning · Coaching · Small Wins

The Road Ahead

While we are not even close to the AltSchool’s model, this is where I would love to see education in the next 5 years. Stop the factory model. Our students are all different and their love of learning needs to be fostered. Baby steps in the right direction equal small wins. Advertisements