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Time to Shift!

I plan on blogging about the Coaching Lab I hosted yesterday very soon; however, I need time to marinate before I put down my thoughts. It was a day full of information, growth and reflection and, to be honest, I’m still a little oversaturated!

Next step in my journey is to start working with three of my SS/Science teachers in shifting instructional practices towards a blended classroom. Below is my plan for the next 30 days or so.


2 thoughts on “Time to Shift!

  1. Review 1 (Juan Armijo) Great outline you hit all the major requirements needed for the initial step towards incorporation of blended learning. I am also using blended learning as my disruptive attempt initially with the social studies department (had a real long though process to being just with my classroom as opposed to the department —hopefully one day the entire campus). Will enjoy looking at the next phases. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Collins_Peer Review 1

    Very impressive blog! I love how your plan identifies key players from the start. In any implementation, it is always easier to first work with the willing. I am very interested in some of the specific ways you intend to get teachers on board with your plan. Also, what would be the stipulations of your Student-Centered Coaching Shared Agreement?
    I believe the concept of personalizing learning and meeting the students where they are will be a powerful tool to create positive change and success on your campus.


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