Can you teach and students not learn?

What a powerful question. How many times have we poured ourselves into a lesson, seen all the heads bobbing, and then the test scores are abysmal? Often, this is because we’ve taught but students have not learned. In my district, this was a large part of why we have shifted to Student-Centered Coaching–because it’s about what the Students are doing and learning more than what the Teacher is doing. Learning is an active process!
As previously mentioned I was blessed to host our Secondary level Student-Centered Coaching Lab last week. What an awesome day of learning! I worked with my two 8th grade math teachers on sorting data and planning forward. The other coaches reflected on “moves” I had made. Funnily, what I found to be some of my biggest weaknesses, others found to be my strengths. This gives me a whole new perspective on how to work with my teachers.
In perusing the web I ran across this article that I found to be quite powerful in regards to teaching and learning. I wanted to share in hopes that it may provide you with some wonderings or an “aha” like it did for me.



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