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Focusing on the WHY

Upon reflection I realize we, as a leadership team, have focused on our goals with blended learning based upon the what rather than the why. I want to re-center my focus on the why of our goal…because at the end of the day that’s what matters. Below you will find our WHY for doing what… Continue reading Focusing on the WHY


Responding to Failure

The following is an excerpt from a blog by Natasha Walizer and it struck true after having focused on a Growth Mindset the past few weeks. I wanted to share: ‘“It’s not about the actual failure itself, it’s how you respond to it.” I look at these words every day, every morning. They are written… Continue reading Responding to Failure

Reflection · Significant Learning Environments

A Growth Mindset in the Classroom

As a child, I was very smart but very insecure about my intelligence. I was afraid to fail and “disappoint” my teachers–even though they would not have been disappointed in the least. I am grateful that my mother, also an educator, recognized this fear in me fairly early on and helped me learn to work… Continue reading A Growth Mindset in the Classroom

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Aligning Outcomes, Assessments, and Activities

One of the biggest challenges in working with teachers is making sure that you understand where they are coming from. I need to be able to “walk the walk”.  I’ve been focusing on significant learning environments but have not taught a unit while addressing the new things I’ve learned. So, I wanted to develop a… Continue reading Aligning Outcomes, Assessments, and Activities

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Do You Reflect?

I’ve been lucky to have been involved in Student-Centered Coaching training throughout this past school year. My district has invested in having one of Diane Sweeney’s trainers work with a group of us on several occasions. Recently, we met and had a workshop regarding reflection and some interesting things came to light for me. I… Continue reading Do You Reflect?

Coaching · Reflection · Significant Learning Environments

A New Culture of Learning

After reading A New Culture of Learning for my 5313 course I found it to be a bit of a slap in the face when I realized how little play there is in our current school setting. I reflected a bit on this in my blog below. Advertisements