About Me

I am the mother of two wonderful, little boys. I am a science nerd at heart and have a love of learning. I am the Digital Learning Coach at White Knoll Middle School in Lexington, South Carolina.

In February 2015,  my school was chosen by our District Office to implement a Blended Learning program in our ELA and Math classes. As this was a massive shift in pedagogy we adopted the motto “Fail Fast, Adjust Quickly”. I have found that these words apply to more than just a pedagogical shift. As a scientist you are taught that even if your experiment fails, you’ve learned something. You have failed forward. You know what didn’t work and, hopefully, use this knowledge to grow. This is my goal in all things. To grow and become better. To become stronger and smarter. To constantly fail forward.

We have continued shifting towards using a blended instructional model schoolwide. This e-Portfolio showcases my journey using the COVA model in the Digital Learning and Leading program to help support my teachers.

Pic collage DE Port