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Update on Math Intervention

Well, we are almost done with the 4th quarter and, overall, I feel like my pilot group has been a success! Most of the kids have greatly improved their math content knowledge through the use of their choice of digital content. I’m sad that we are coming to an end…especially as we’ve had so much… Continue reading Update on Math Intervention

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My Big Goal for Q4

Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I wanted to update what I’ve been working on. After attending iNACOL and listening about equity, I set myself a goal to try and reach some our 6th graders who are on the path to failing for the year. Starting in the 4th quarter… Continue reading My Big Goal for Q4

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Is Professional Development Really Working?

Professional Development…two words that, when uttered, make a teacher groan. It has become synonymous with boring, unengaging, lectures about the latest and greatest thing in education. Teachers leave without any major takeaways and feel like they’ve wasted their time. I get it. I’ve been on both ends of sitting in a “sit and get” style… Continue reading Is Professional Development Really Working?

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Why Our Motto (Failing Forward) is so Appropriate…

They say that hindsight is 20/20 and I feel that is definitely true in my school. I assumed so much about teacher beliefs and foundations at the start of this implementation. I assumed that teachers had an accurate understanding about formative assessment and its use in the classroom. I assumed that teachers had moved past… Continue reading Why Our Motto (Failing Forward) is so Appropriate…

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What We’ve Learned

Over the past five weeks we have focused on a topic of our choice to be our focus when writing an article for publication. I chose to discuss our pitfalls and successes when implementing a blended learning instructional model. Here is the Powtoon I created as an intro to my article.  Advertisements

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Tools in my Toolbelt

As part of diving into how technology can be used in education, we were asked the question “How has technology impacted your life?”  As part of the Millenial generation, technology is an integral part of my life both personally and professionally. I have had a cell phone since I could drive. I now have the… Continue reading Tools in my Toolbelt

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Mantra

For part of our culminating project was to come up with a mantra to represent our definition of Digital Citizenship. Using Ribble’s groupings, my mantra is “Respect, Protect, Connect”. I like this as it addresses all aspects of digital citizenship. Advertisements