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Update on Math Intervention

Well, we are almost done with the 4th quarter and, overall, I feel like my pilot group has been a success! Most of the kids have greatly improved their math content knowledge through the use of their choice of digital content. I’m sad that we are coming to an end…especially as we’ve had so much… Continue reading Update on Math Intervention

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Is Professional Development Really Working?

Professional Development…two words that, when uttered, make a teacher groan. It has become synonymous with boring, unengaging, lectures about the latest and greatest thing in education. Teachers leave without any major takeaways and feel like they’ve wasted their time. I get it. I’ve been on both ends of sitting in a “sit and get” style… Continue reading Is Professional Development Really Working?

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Why Our Motto (Failing Forward) is so Appropriate…

They say that hindsight is 20/20 and I feel that is definitely true in my school. I assumed so much about teacher beliefs and foundations at the start of this implementation. I assumed that teachers had an accurate understanding about formative assessment and its use in the classroom. I assumed that teachers had moved past… Continue reading Why Our Motto (Failing Forward) is so Appropriate…

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Tools in my Toolbelt

As part of diving into how technology can be used in education, we were asked the question “How has technology impacted your life?”  As part of the Millenial generation, technology is an integral part of my life both personally and professionally. I have had a cell phone since I could drive. I now have the… Continue reading Tools in my Toolbelt

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Aligning Outcomes, Assessments, and Activities

One of the biggest challenges in working with teachers is making sure that you understand where they are coming from. I need to be able to “walk the walk”.  I’ve been focusing on significant learning environments but have not taught a unit while addressing the new things I’ve learned. So, I wanted to develop a… Continue reading Aligning Outcomes, Assessments, and Activities

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Do You Reflect?

I’ve been lucky to have been involved in Student-Centered Coaching training throughout this past school year. My district has invested in having one of Diane Sweeney’s trainers work with a group of us on several occasions. Recently, we met and had a workshop regarding reflection and some interesting things came to light for me. I… Continue reading Do You Reflect?

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A New Culture of Learning

After reading A New Culture of Learning for my 5313 course I found it to be a bit of a slap in the face when I realized how little play there is in our current school setting. I reflected a bit on this in my blog below. Advertisements