My Background

9-12 Instruction

Before becoming a DLC, I taught science at the high school level. I was lucky enough to teach a multitude of subjects from Biology to Chemistry to Marine Science. I decided to flip my classroom the last year I taught. This would allow me to have more time to do engaging activities with my students rather than lecture. In order to do this, I built a website that contained notes and videos for my students. They were assigned certain topics to look over the night before we would be addressing them in class. This proved effective in giving us more lab time and less note-taking time. It also allowed me to do quick formative assessments and the start of class and pull students who needed clarification or reteaching.

Instructional Coaching

I am currently involved in a book study on Diane Sweeney’s “Student-Centered Coaching”. I work with various teachers throughout my school to deepen pedagogical skills. This also can be seen on a larger scale during our Collaborative Planning days (half days meant to collaborate with others in our content). Our latest project was a personalized Collaborative Sessions called Brew Your Own PD where teachers were allowed some choice.


Technology Training & Application

As the Digital Learning Coach (DLC) at my school, technology is an integral part of my world. Currently, I am in charge of distributing/setting up iPads to 775+ middle school students at the start of the school year. I teach my students and my teachers how to navigate through our Learning Management System, Schoology. I train teachers on how to use our MacBook Airs. I am also the Blended Learning Lead and help my teachers and students use the digital content in their classes.
We are proudly a 1:1 school and, as such, use a variety of digital tools in our classrooms. I am well-versed in a many tools: Discovery Education, Go Formative, The Answer Pad, Padlet, Quizlet, Socrative, the iOS suite, the GAFE suite and many more. What I love about my job is that I am expected to research the new tools that are coming out (How awesome is that!).
At the end of the day, I am here to serve my school…so I will learn/research digital tools that help my teachers help my students be more productive, whatever that might be. As new tools are developed I create trainings where teachers have an opportunity to explore the tool while receiving support from me. Teachers may also schedule 1 on 1 trainings/coaching sessions with me as needed for any tool, website, technology app they may run across.


In order to help support the needs of the teachers in our District, a co-DLC and I created a graduate course to help teachers shift towards a blended instructional model using our Learning Management System, Schoology.

College of Charleston

EDPD821 G60:Introduction to Blended Learning using a Learning Management System Syllabus

Feedback from Students Fall 2015:

“The most valuable part to me is the modeling. She models, she shows me how it works. She spends time checking to see if I understood the materials. She spends time evaluating my assignments, providing qualitative feedback!”

“Very knowledgable in the field and great resource for ideas in the classroom.”

“I feel that the information presented was not only interesting, but added to my understanding of Blended Learning. I feel that the format it was presented in was conducive to the topic and our understanding of what students would be required to do for a similar task.”

“I feel engaged, challenged within my grasp! It offers me the basics that I need to start blended learning with my students. I plan on recommending this class to fellow teachers.”