Leading Organizational Change

The past five weeks I have studied how to lead organizational change. Reflecting over the past year I realized that my school probably didn’t implement our change in the best way. I’ve realized that our message doesn’t speak to the “heart” but rather to the head which does not lend itself to enthusiastic joiners.

So after having a better grasp as to why my implementation has not gone as well as I had hoped, I decided to focus first on the why.

The next step was looking at how to influence people to make this change. I already addressed focusing more on the why and getting people’s heart into the game but I also needed to focus on other aspects. Using the Influencer model, I came up with a plan to help implement the six sources in my building.

The next step would be to focus on the execution. How does strategy become reality? I really appreciate the clarity that the 4DX model brings to the situation. In combining the six sources of influence and the 4DX model, it really has helped me build a solid plan for next year.

The final step is making sure that I am leading my building in the direction we are trying to head in while supporting my teachers.


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