Moving Towards a Blended Environment

Over the past 5 weeks we have focused on what influences an implementation or initiative to be successful or to fail. I’ve learned so much as I’ve read my peers research around their own implementation. For me, I did not focus on blended learning; instead, I focused on my teachers. How can teachers influence the success of an technology implementation initiative?

The research wasn’t overly surprising. Teachers need to believe that the initiative helps support what is best for the students, need to be willing and open to change, must understand the bridge between the technology and best practices, and need lots of support through professional development. What was surprising, however, is that even though these things are fairly obvious when you think about it…they are rarely done. We know that teacher engagement and support is necessary to a successful implementation and yet, teachers are rarely given the time and in-depth support they really need.

Below are my evidences of learning from this course. I encourage you to take a look at the research and reflect how you might apply it in your world. I know I am looking at my initiative differently now.

Presentation on the Literature


Literature Review

Reflection on my Innovation Plan (so far)