Technology Application & Training

As the Digital Learning Coach (DLC) at my school, technology is an integral part of my world. Currently, I am in charge of distributing/setting up iPads to 775+ middle school students at the start of the school year. I teach my students and my teachers how to navigate through our Learning Management System, Schoology. I train teachers on how to use our MacBook Airs. And, of course, I am the Blended Learning Lead and help my teachers and students use the digital content in their classes.
We are proudly a 1:1 school and, as such, use a variety of digital tools in our classrooms. I am well-versed in a many tools: Discovery Education, Go Formative, The Answer Pad, Padlet, Quizlet, Socrative, the iOS suite, the GAFE suite and many more. What I love about my job is that I am expected to research the new tools that are coming out (How awesome is that!).
At the end of the day, I am here to serve my school…so I will learn/research digital tools that help my teachers help my students be more productive, whatever that might be. As new tools are developed I create trainings where teachers have an opportunity to explore the tool while receiving support from me. Teachers may also schedule 1 on 1 trainings/coaching sessions with me as needed for any tool, website, technology app they may run across.