Digital Leading & Learning

I participated in Lamar University’s M.Ed in Digital Learning and Leading over an 18-month period. This program  followed the COVA (choice, ownership, voice, authentic learning) model and allowed me to grow in my work as a Digital Learning Coach. Throughout the program I was able to:

  • Develop appropriate strategies to lead organizational change
  • Understand the leadership qualities necessary for supporting disruptive innovation
  • Research and assess the role a growth mindset has on creating effective learning environments
  • Identify, investigate and understand contemporary issues relevant to local and global contexts.
  • Distinguish learner-centered instructional methods from teacher centered methods and identify technologies that support each method type
  • Understand digital citizenship as it relates to their professional practice
  • Compare and contrast inquiry-based theories and methods as they relate to digital teaching and learning
  • Construct learning objectives, assessment items, and learning activities based on expected outcomes for online learners.

Information obtained from Lamar University’s Graduate Program page.